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  • ERASMUS INNOVATION SRL  is aware of the importance of the processing of personal data and is committed to protecting the privacy and security in compliance with Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR) and any other legislation applicable in Romania.

1. What kind of personal data we collect?

Personal data collected: name, phone, e-mail, sent to you via contact through enrollment records events etc.

2. For what purpose we process personal data?

Personal data is used to contact you to keep in touch with you and to provide services under the terms and conditions.

3. What are your rights?

  • a) The right  to be informed  about how personal data will be used;
  • b) The right of  access  to personal data;
  • c) The right to  rectify  the data if they are incorrect or incomplete;
  • d) right  to be deleted  or so-called Right To Be Forgotten to no longer be included; in communications or further processing;
  • e) The right  to restrict  data processing beyond mere storage;
  • f) The right to  transfer the data  to be available to people as they want to use on other platforms or other services;
  • g) The right of  objection  against the use of data in marketing campaigns;
  • h) The right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing including creating profiles, which produces legal effects concerning the data subject or a similar affect to a significant extent.

4. How can you exercise your rights?

You can exercise these rights either individually or collectively, easily, by simply sending a request by e-mail to hello@erasmus-training.eu. The request will be resolved within 15 days from receipt.

5. Are your personal data transferred to other parties? If so, why?

We may share some personal data to third parties reliable for the purposes set. We ask them to have technical and operational security measures appropriate to protect personal data in accordance with the law on rules of protection of personal data.

Links to the privacy policy of service providers use:

Also, personal data will be transmitted and where we must comply with a legal obligation to a request by government authorities or executive, to meet specific requirements of national security or law enforcement or prevent certain illegal activities .

Except the above, we will not disclose, sell or lease any of your personal information ever any third party without your prior consent.

We are committed to protecting personal data against loss, misuse, disclosure, modification, the blocking unauthorized access and destruction and take all reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of such data. Also permanently assess risks that may arise in the course of processing of personal data and update work procedures.

6. How long do we keep personal information?

As a general rule, keep your personal information as long as it takes to ensure that the purpose for which they are processed mentioned herein. To determine the appropriate retention period, we consider the quantity, nature and sensitivity of personal data, the purposes for which we process and if we are able to achieve these goals through other means. Some personal data are kept and specific periods of time necessary, prescribed by law, to fulfill our legal obligation.

When we no longer need the personal data we will delete or destroy safe, or if such action requires disproportionate expense, we anonymize and encrypt them so that they become inaccessible. We will also consider the possibility of providing anonymisation of personal data so as to no longer be associated with an identifiable person, in which case we can use that information to statistics, studies, evaluations and the like, without further notice .

7. What happens to the personal data of minors?

This website and our services are intended for use by persons of 16 years of age. In some cases, however, our services can be accessed by minors. Their personal data will be stored and processed by us only with the prior explicit and written consent of a parent or guardian. Failing such agreement, any personal data from a minor will be immediately removed from our database.

8. How are your personal data protected?

We are committed to ensure the security of personal data by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures according to industry standards. Transmission of your personal data is done using the latest encryption algorithms using HTTPS technology and store them on secure servers, while ensuring data redundancy. Despite the measures taken to protect your personal data, please note that the information via the Internet generally or through other public networks is not completely safe, with the risk that data to be viewed and used by third unauthorized parties. We can not be responsible for such vulnerabilities of systems that are not under our control.

9. Personal data breach

If there is a security breach of personal data, the Company will notify the Supervisory Authority without undue delay and, if possible, within 72 hours from the date on which he became aware of it, except where it is likely to create a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

10. Change of ownership

If you are subject to a merger or acquisition with / by another company, we may share information in accordance with our privacy standards. If such an event occurs, we will require that the new entity follow this Privacy Policy on your personal information. If you intend to use your personal information for other purposes not covered by this privacy policy, you will receive a notice regarding the processing of personal information for new purposes.

11. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to regularly update and modify this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes in how we process your personal data or any changes in legal requirements. If any such changes will appear on our website modified version of the Privacy Policy, therefore please regularly check the content of this Privacy Policy.