The Global Training Festival 2024



17:34 To 17:34


250 euro

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Courses Description

The Global Training Festival (GTF2024) will bring together in Timisoara the leading experts in education, training, facilitation, education design, gamification and coaching from around the world. During the 5 days you’ll be inspired, impressed and you’ll gain insight into the latest tools and methods to facilitate brilliant sessions, regardless if you are a trainer, a coach or a university professor.

There will be 10 panels:

  1. Boosting Creativity
  2. Coaching Tools
  3. Time Management
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Leadership Academy
  6. Win at Life by Managing Stress
  7. Communicate Like a Pro
  8. Mindfulness for Wellbeing
  9. Building Enthusiasm through Gamification
  10. Diversity & Inclusion

Register as a PARTICIPANT and see the best at work. Learn about cool tools you can use in your own activity, find out from where they get their inspiration and how do they manage to transform the people they work with.

Register as a FACILITATOR and show us what you’ve got. Use this opportunity to promote the tools you have created by giving participants a sample of what you’re able to do. Show us what you’re passionate about and get the chance to be chosen the Facilitator of the Year. The title comes with a cash prize and a bunch of awesome facilitation tools. Facilitators are also welcome to join sessions facilitated by others.

The GTF2024 will take place in the city of Timișoara, Romania – the European Capital of Culture 2023 because of its beauty, rich cultural life and peaceful blend of ethnic minorities. Over the time, Timișoara was a jewel for the Romans, Turks, Austrians and Hungarians – all of these civilizations fighting to include it in their empires.

Early bird registration fee is 250 euro and grants participants access to more than 100 hours of different workshops within the 10 panels.


Can the training be funded through Erasmus+ STT grants?

Yes, each participant can apply for a mobility grant within his/her institution. We will provide all the required documentation for the Erasmus+ STT grant applicants: invitation, training curricula and certificate of attendance.


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European Academy of Innovation

About the Organizers

The European Academy of Innovation is dedicated to training academic staff all over the world. Participants to our programs come from all the European countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Mauritius, Jamaica and many more. The programs we offer cover a variety of topics, all of them of interest for the academic community and the challenges that is faces in a constantly changing environment. Our lecturers come from both universities and the private sector, thus combining their expertise in order to share knowledge and develop skills needed by the academic community of tomorrow. The European Academy of Innovation is a trusted partner for more than 100 universities, offering training on demand and consultancy, access to project partners and a variety of other support services for universities.

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